Rolling Shutter

Aluminum Rolling Shutter
we can use Aluminum Rolling Shutter on windows and Doors to protect against heat and noise

Aluminum and Specialties
Aluminum is the ideal metal to use Finishing and construction materials, which are exposed daily to different weather conditions, it is differentiate Stability, durability and high insulation

Most important features of Rolling Shutter.

Aluminum Rolling Shutter provides the privacy, as it a basic requirement for homes.
And through Rolling Shutter, you can control the privacy as you need.

Effective weather protection
Aluminum Rolling Shutter provide the best protection against dust, rain and sun
to keep the good weather on the house 

Thermal insulation
Rolling Shutter it make Heat insulation by Polyurethane Injected inside shutter slides 

Control of sunlight
The Aluminum Rolling Shutter Adjust the amount of light inside home as you need 
it can also be set automatically by adding a sensors 
Sound insulation
Aluminum Rolling Shutter make sound insulation by Polyurethane Injected inside shutter slides 
which reduces the noise level